Are You Afraid of the Dark? - The Tale of Orpheo's Curse Viacom New Media 1994

This FMV adventure is based on the Nickelodeon television series about a club of kids called the Midnight Society who entertain each other with ghost stories around a campfire. You, the game player, are attempting to gain entrance into the society by telling a ghost story of your own. It's a very clever idea, and it works very well and can be enjoyed by even older kids. The story you're "telling" in this case is about Alex and Terri, a brother and sister who sneak into an abandoned old theater one night. The theater, "Orpheo's Palace," was once the venue of a famous magician of the same name. Unfortunately, the magician, his family, and his employees all disappeared or died in very mysterious and highly questionable circumstances over fifty years ago, and since then the theater has been closed. It should come as no great shock that the theater is, indeed, haunted. The Great Orpheo, now an insanely evil ghost, has filled his audience with wax dummies for whom he continues to perform. Trouble is, his magic doesn't seem to work any more, and anyone who appears in one of his tricks tends to come to a very bad end. Terri and Alex aren't in the creepy old theater more than a few minutes before they learn that Orpheo plans for them to star that very night in his most difficult illusion: the Teleportation Boxes! Their only hope for survival and escape from the theater is to solve the riddle of Orpheo's Curse. They get assistance in this quest from several helpful ghosts that populate the theater.
ISO Demo 514MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
XP Setup
Full Demo with DOSBox 431MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
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