SM64PC N64 Decompilation 2020

This is a fan-made port of Super Mario 64, a classic 3D platformer first released in 1996 on Nintendo 64. It was made possible by a 2019 recompilation project which saw fans reverse engineer the game’s source code. Unlike PC emulators which imitate the conditions of the original N64 hardware, the DirectX 12-powered port allows players to run Mario 64 at far higher resolutions without compromise, such as native 4K or in ultra-widescreen mode. Players can also use modern peripherals to play the game such as Microsoft‘s Xbox One controller. It’s even possible to add modern visual effects to Super Mario 64 via third-party app Reshade, including primitive ray tracing. Within a week of it's availability, Nintendo made a copyright claim on it seeking to remove files and videos from internet.
OpenGL source code adaptation (uploaded by Github)
OpenGL & DirectX12 Free Games 6.5+7.3MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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