Discovery Tour by Assassin's Creed: Ancient Greece Ubisoft 2019

A stand-alone version of the exploratory educational mode, using the world of ancient Greece, created for Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. It was made available to all production owners in the form of a free update and also as a stand-alone production on PCs. The content has been consulted with historians, archaeologists and other specialists in ancient Greece. The action is presented by default from a third person perspective, but the creators allow us to switch to a first person view and, if necessary, freely control the camera to look at small details of the surroundings. The control model and interface are virtually identical to Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. However, the game has been deprived of any plot threads, fights with opponents, and any restrictions that we have to deal with in the base. Starting off, we can go on a trip to each of the 29 available regions, representing mainland Greece, as well as to the Aegean Sea and its numerous islands. During the game we take control over thirty-five avatars/heroes, which we unlock as the game progresses. We travel Virtual Greece on foot, by boat or on the comb of one of the fifteen horses (starting with an ordinary horse and ending with a fantastic pegasus). Apart from free exploration of the world, the main attraction of the game are trips. They are divided into five different thematic blocks - "Famous Cities" (7 trips), "Battles and War" (5 trips), "Politics and philosophy" (4 trips) and "Art, Religion and Myths" (5 trips). In each of them we are accompanied by charismatic guides, among whom there are many famous ancient Greeks, such as Leonidas or Herodotus. The knowledge we gain can be tested in optional quizzes with questions related to each thematic block.
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