Dora The Explorer: La Casa De Dora Big Fish Games 2006

Have a play date with Dora in La Casa de Dora. Discover eight exciting games in five rooms and the backyard. There are games and surprises in every room. We play, getting to know mathematics, music and Spanish. In the baby's room, children can learn several activities to entertain the babies like feeding them, making them play with toys or picking a story from the book to read them. Playing along, children can learn to wash their teeth and hands in the bathroom. Or, they can go into the living-room, meet Dora's mom and play musical instruments together. At this stage they will learn not only music but Spanish as well, improving their motor and second language skills. In Dora┬┤s favorite room, her bedroom, they can learn math by counting stars or play bingo both in Spanish and English. They can then rush into the kitchen and help Dora's father to cook. They will be able to choose a recipe and a meal and learn the procedures and ingredients necessary for making a great dish. In the backyard section, girls might like to learn names of seeds; how to plant them and water them, and boys can play soccer with Perrito.
Full Demo 14MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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