French With Rayman Ubisoft / Focus Multimedia 1998

This is an educational 2D platform game, based on the original Rayman. It was designed to teach young children the basics of the French language. It blends the Glade of Dreams with the real world in a way which makes little sense in the context of the series, making numerous references to real-world locations such as Ireland and Scotland. It was adapted to teach various other languages, usually English, but in France there were versions to learn Spanish and German. The gameplay is the same as that of Rayman Junior. It's set after the original game. While the Magician is in his garden with Betilla the Fairy, he receives a letter from his English cousin, Andrew. It contains a recipe for a magic spell. However, the Magician is unable to read English. Suddenly Mr Dark appears, snatches the recipe from the Magician's hands and flees. The Magician then calls Rayman on his telephone and asks him for help. Rayman's objective is to track down the magic recipe. Throughout the game, Rayman must solve language-based questions in order to find the correct path through the levels. Along the way, he is helped by the Magician and his cousin Andrew, who speaks in an English accent and wears a brightly coloured top hat which is half-red and half-blue as well as Betilla the Fairy, and what is presumably an English relative of hers (who goes unnamed throughout the game) with a similar designed hat. Often levels require Rayman to work his way through a maze like level finding the correct words within a time limit to cause an exit sign to appear, while others are more linear and play more like a level from the original game. Pressing R2 during a level takes you to a 'built in dictionary' where either the Magician or Betilla give hints on how to solve the problems. When all the levels are completed, Rayman is given access to Mr. Dark's lair, a final level in Candy Chateau with no educational content. Much like in Rayman Junior, the game features the Betilla's Garden tutorial levels, which can be used to practice Rayman's powers.
ISO Demo 790MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Anglais Avec Rayman - French ISO Demo 451MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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