Bogeulbogeul Sechingu [Tw] Gamania / Gamtek Corporation 2001

One of the variants of the famous East Asian arcade Bubble Bobble. The images of the main characters are apparently inspired by the cult (including for the mass culture of the Far East) Chinese novel of the end of the 16th century "Journey to the West" - but the plot itself is simply conditional: three brave warriors, a monkey (probably Sun Wukong?), a pig man and a conditional frog man, confront a huge demon freed from centuries of imprisonment and its henchmen. When Sun Wukong and his group returned from the west with the scriptures and everyone was enjoying a comfortable life in their hometown, something big happened in the heavenly palace. Well, the Vampire Peacock of the Yokai Nation opened a seal that should not be opened and sent all the evil yokai out of the world. In a short time, the palace became a scare, and the jade emperor sang again, fearing that the yokai would make a fuss in the human world. They were to catch all the evil yokai in the human world. These yokai have more evil and mysterious powers than any other yokai. Will son-in-ball's group be able to reseal the yokai and complete the mission? Son Gong, Sao Jeong, and The Three Hypochis characters and attacking abilities are different, increasing the number of medicine bottles and treasures that add points. Unique and diverse characters of yokai, such as the horned hellish baby monster on the head, the mushrooms that grow as big as the man, and the monster jar smashing the ball, add to the fun of the game. Friends and family can defeat the yokai on the other hand, and the simple maneuvers make it easy for the whole family to enjoy together.
Korean ISO Demo 170MB (uploaded by

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