Quest for Water Safety: A Wizardly Adventure Northstar Communications / Ontario Power Generation 2003

This is an educational game about water safety, originally intended for grade 4 students in the Ontario region of Canada. Whirl-on the super safety wizard assigns the player on a quest to help people stay safe from hydroelectric stations. The player will also learn about the generic water safety rules when going out fishing at the camp site or playing in a swimming pool in the backyard. There are eight zones to choose from during the player's quest. Once a zone is selected, a video explaining the danger is presented, then the player answers three questions correctly to move on to the next zone. If the player answers each question incorrectly three times, they are sent to the dungeon to solve a maze, avoiding the dragon. If all eight zones are completed, a certificate is rewarded to the player. Two bonus word puzzles are included in the game.
ISO Demo 153MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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