Kesha Parrot: Freedom to Parrots! [Ru] Spector Studio / Akella 2005

Based on the works of A.E. Kurlandsky. Kesha is very fond of watching TV, especially detective stories and action movies. But after the next release of the program “In the Animal World”, the life of our hero himself turned into a tense detective story. Together with a feathered friend you have to find a way to make an exciting journey to the other side of the Earth and save from the complete disappearance of the brothers in the pen - the Brazilian parrots. And how many terrible and difficult adventures will be on this way. How much courage and quick-wittedness will the restless Innocent show. At the same time, you will always be accompanied by cheerful good humor and unshakable optimism of Keshi. Features: Embark on an amazing journey and save from the disappearance of the Brazilian parrots; 40 colorful locations with many interactive objects; You will meet with friends from books and cartoons characters and new characters; The cartoon character Kesha with his inimitable humor and charming habits.
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