StarFight IV: Legacy [Fi] JP Production 1998

This is so far the only fully Finnish part of the StarFight game series. The game is basically a pure 1st person style adventure game, but there are also two action sections to bring variety. Features: Extensive adventure, divided into five episodes, plus two action sections tightly embedded in the game's plot; An original and unpredictable SciFi plot; Animation that carries more than 4,000 frames and enlivens the game world; 100% digital music track; Adventure sections 640x400 SVGA graphics; Lens-flare, light and transparency effects; Easy-to-learn graphical mouse interface; background story. A mighty ship drifts in the darkness of space. Not a single light burns in its huge body. It swirls recklessly, but majestically slowly, without anyone guiding, alone. There is no one on the bridge, only the light of a distant star reflects from the windows, the shadows and the light continue their eternal race. Suddenly everything changes. First, in the darkness of the bridge, a tiny light comes on. Then another. In the blink of an eye, bridge computers are lit up like Christmas trees. A fluorescent lamp lights up on the ceiling. Then another. A row of fluorescent lamps lights up, surrounding the entire space and creating a new, vibrant-looking environment. The ship is shaking violently. The spin slows down and eventually stops. An image appears in a giant box in front of the bridge: a huge asteroid field, a large gas planet, and the glitter of stars. The silence is interrupted by a computer-like voice that says, "RESERVE SWITCHED ON. ARRIVAL IN THE ALPHA CENTAURI PRIME ORbIT AFTER SEVEN HOURS FROM THE SIGN ... SIGN." It is quiet again for a moment, and then the voice continues again: "LIFE SIGNS OBSERVED AT THE HOSPITAL LEVEL! LEVEL INSULATION FROM THE OTHER SYSTEM ..." Meanwhile, our hero wakes up from his indefinite state of unconsciousness happily unaware of all this. He finds himself in a strange hallway, and doesn't remember anything - anything. His head aches like after a well-spent weekend. Where does our hero wake up from? Why, when you look out the hallway window, you can see a landscape of stars and asteroids outside? Is he on a spaceship or behind the scenes of a poor science fiction movie? What happens if you drink Sinol, and what is the miracle of Yrjö-Kola? You will get the answer to all these and many other questions if you can play StarFight IV until the end.
Finnish Free Game 26MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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