Devil's Womb, The Insane Kat Studio 2019

The first chapter of this saga is a free "Made in Italy" classic puzzle adventure-horror title produced by Insane Kat Studio and made with RPG Maker MV. Part of the story is set during World War ll, more precisely in Krakow. The protagonist, a girl named Franciszka Jung, is about to undergo the last psychiatric session before discharge. She suffered from various psychotic disorders in the past that led her parents to hospitalize her. After years of prayers and treatment, that day was the last day for Franciszka: the day before her death. Franciszka will completely lose the memories of what happened in those last days. In the meantime, a sweet demon without memories and a past, named Luna, will wake up in a dark place before an ancient and abysmal evil. How did Luna end up there? Is there any way to get out? What mysteries are hidden among the inhabitants of that dark place? What does the mark that Luna bears on her forehead even mean? Features: Classic puzzle/RPG gameplay with a focus on the Horror genre, flavored with literature, poetry, friendship, and tenderness; Challenging puzzles will test your logic and deduction skills; 4 possible endings: Bad Ending, Neutral Ending, Good Ending and Secret Ending; Full of digital computer-made illustrations by various Italian artists.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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