Boreal Tales Snot Bubbles Productions, Music by Guidewire 2020

Act I: “I Stand Before You, A Form Undone” Sarah began the rite, but was consumed. Thou must complete it. Delve into the dream of a dying town in a retro-style adventure with horror elements. Taking cues from the fixed-camera angle games of the PS1 era, and the dream logic of works like 'Yume Nikki', vignettes beget vignettes in this web of Trees and Streets. Explore the interweaving narratives of a northern community, cast adrift in an increasingly urbanized world. The town is sick, anger seethes and builds like static in the signal. Will it navigate this sea of noise, or be washed away by the 'Degraded Wave'? Solve the murder. Find Sarah. Complete the ritual. The truth is deeper still...
Download: None currently available

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