Umihara Kawase Fresh! Studio Saizensen / SUCCESS Corp. 2020

New Umihara Kawase series evolves from 26 years ago. And now rubbering action adventure is in open world. The only "rubbering action" - Use the feature of rubber fishing line to bound to destination, perform pendulum action or etc are the points of rubbering action. Largest volume of the series - Over 100 stages, and high difficulty challenge mode with ranking board. First of series open world? The first series to install story and quests. Kawase's new adventure in open world "Micheliner" has start. New "cooking" system. Make meals by capturing enemies and ingredients. Kawase will temporary power-up after having a meal. Cotton appears - Nata de Cotton appear in "Micheliner" with own "Flight" system. Nothing is impossible.
Download: None currently available

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