Mr. Driller DrillLand Bandai Namco Entertainment 2020

This is a remake of the 2002 Japan-exclusive GameCube game with dashing new graphics. The game takes place in the titular Drill Land, a secret underground amusement park. Each “attraction” has its own set of rules on top of the usual Mr. Driller gameplay (some even inspired from the original universe of iconic NAMCO games), along with six characters. For those unfamiliar, the Mr. Driller games task you with digging deep underground, using your drill to break colored blocks (and all colored blocks of the same color connected to it). Players must try to go as deep as they can, picking up oxygen tanks, and avoiding falling blocks. A brand-new casual mode has also been added that is a perfect fit for younger players, or those who want a more relaxing experience.
Download: None currently available

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