Tonka Monster Trucks Data Design Interactive Ltd / Infogrames Inc. 2001

The Tonka license is used here to please young monster trucks lovers. Choose your monster truck, choose from three tracks, and start your engine ! One track is for practice, the second track is especially designed for stunts and the last for races. The game features two modes, the usual quick start mode, and the professional mode. Choose the first mode if you only want to start driving as soon as possible. This is although the only mode in the game where you can play up to four players, one after the other. In the professional mode, you will have first to register, fine tune your monster truck, and start. You won't be able to play against friends but against the computer. There's also a track editor so you can design your own special track. Also in this mode, you will be able to print pictures of your truck and even, your driver's license.
ISO Demo 522MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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