Art of Murder 2: Hunt for the Puppeteer City Interactive 2009

This is a classical point & click adventure game, and like in every detective game the player is required to think logically and to link facts quickly. The player will once again assist Nicole Bonnet, an FBI agent, who has to deal with a different dark case. The United States is stricken by a series of mysterious, brutal murders. A seemingly similar death is discovered across the ocean in Paris, France. The killer seems to have a special trademark: the body is always accompanied by a mysterious doll dressed in 17th century clothing. Young FBI agent Nicole Bonnet must undertake a journey through two continents – from France and Spain to the exotic Cuba. The investigation may lead her to surprising discoveries that date back centuries ago. The player conducts an investigation that demands courage, sacrifice and logical thinking. His objective is to discover what is the link between the seemingly random victims, what are the motives of the calculated killer and, most importantly, to stop him before he strikes again. An immersive dark mood created by a skilful combination of plot, graphics, music written specially for the game and realistic sound effects. Journey through the dark corners of New Orleans, alleys and backstreets of Paris and Marseille, the Spanish Pyrenees and hot Havana.
English Level Demo 636MB (uploaded by Worthdownloading)
DVD ISO 2.01GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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