Deepfall Dungeon rik007 2013

This is a first person dungeon crawling game in the style of classic RPGs like Eye of the Beholder. The game consists of 20 levels and in each level the player needs to find the exit down to the next level to continue. Level layout is randomly generated each game and so is the players name and face graphics. Experience is earned by killing monsters. There is a fixed number of monsters in each level and they are invisible until the player steps into the same square as them. The players level only increases after the current floor of the dungeon is completed (if enough experience has been earned). Between dungeon floors the player may also buy upgrades and potions and select a new skill. Health points and magic points can be restored either by using potions or by using crystals that can be found in the dungeon.
Free Game v1.6.5 88MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)

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