Shepherd of Light Bad Seahorse 2019

This is a student made game where you control a young shepherd who loses his sheep, and must brave a wolf-infested forest to get them to safety. Rescue sheep with different special abilities and direct them to solve environmental puzzles. Explore the moon of Themis, where the spirit beings who reside there depend on the light of their sheep to survive. From cozy farms, to ancient ruins, experience a new world as you solve puzzles along the way. The Shepherd is the son of a wise and respected elder. Left in charge of his father's herd, he now has to guide his sheep back to the safety of the farm. The Sheep are made of pure energy, they are vital to the shepherd's survival. Throughout the game, encounter different kinds of sheep with unique energies and abilities. Put their powers to the correct use, and they will aid in your journey. The Wolves are akin to a black hole, they are a serious threat to the sheep. Eternally hungry, they are shadow creatures that absorb the light from the sheep. They scatter the sheep and block your path.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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