Related Dariia Babchuk, Andrii Petrov / FRACTALCATZ 2020

This is a game that immerses into the dark but fascinating story of two sisters. Explore the dark locations of an abandoned orphanage, solve mysteries, while immersed in memories. Chapter 1: Everything is back introduces the unusual main characters. They are conjoined twins living in an orphanage. They share not only the body, but also one head. Each sister controls her half of the body, but they have learned to coordinate their movements so well that they can walk, run and do other basic things. Waking up from a nightmare, Jessica finds confirmation to her suspicions. To figure out her past, she goes to an orphanage, where she hopes to find answers to questions that she tried so hard to forget. The game will include three chapters. Features: The game was created with love by two independent developers; Atmospheric and hand-drawn 2D graphics; Deep plot; Unusual characters; Journey through the memories; Original Soundtrack.
Chapter 1 - Level Demo 1.01GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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