Hand With Many Fingers, A Colestia 2020

This is a first-person investigative thriller. While searching a dusty CIA archive you uncover a real Cold War conspiracy. Every document you find has new leads to research. But the archive might not be as empty as you think. Features: Slowly unravel a thrilling historical conspiracy; Discover new clues through careful archival research; Assemble your theories using corkboard and twine; Experience a story of creeping paranoia. How does it work? The archive is sorted by name, date, and location. Finding new clues requires all three pieces of info (e.g. Frank Nugan, 1980, Australia). Every detail you need to know is hidden in the archive. But you’ll only find them if you know who was involved, when it happened, and where it took place. Average playtime for the game is around 1-2 hours.
Download: None currently available

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