Freddy [PL] P.P.H Maria SC / TopWare Interactive Poland Sp. z o.o. 1998

Freddy is a platform game with sci-fi background story. A small boy while walking in the forest decided to practice a slingshot. Unfortunately, he shot down an alien ship out of the sky with has been shrunken to ant size by the alien beam gun. The main goal requires finding the specified number of CD-ROMS, required to repair the ship. As a reward the boy will recover the original size. The game features 13 levels (forest, cave, pipes, basement, bathroom, fridge, toys, music land, workbench, library, shop, computer, space) full of hostile creatures and objects to retrieve. Enemies may be defeated by using kicks and various weapons. Numerous of useful items can be found in every area, including power boosters or cap with a fan to fly.
Polish ISO Demo 348MB (uploaded by fakk3)
German ISO Demo 381MB (uploaded by

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