Fisher-Price Little People: My Very First Play House Knowledge Adventure 1998

This CD-ROM targets the toddler's with six fun activities. Toddler-friendly interface and two levels of play: Keyboard for beginners and mouse mode for more challenging play. The Play House is a delightful place for your toddler to explore. Your toddler will love Lucky, the dog, who is the host for the Little People Play House activities. The games and activities were developed by the educational experts at Knowledge Adventure and Fisher-Price. No computer or mouse skills are needed to introduce your toddler to the computer. Using the keyboard level, your child will experience success by pressing any key or by clicking anywhere on the screen with the mouse. When your toddler gains the motor skills needed to point and click with the mouse, the mouse level will provide greater challenges and the feeling of real accomplishment. An enlarged cursor is provided to assist and ease the usage of the mouse for young users. Sit with your toddler as you play the activities and look at the screens. Talk about what is happening. The activities provide a natural way for you to interact with your toddler as you learn and explore them together. We hope that you and your child will enjoy hours of learning and fun.
ISO Demo 170MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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