Moorhuhn Kart Extra Phenomedia AG / ak tronic Software & Services GmbH 2003

This is the graphically enhanced sequel to Moorhuhn Kart. It features the same gameplay as its predecessor. The player chooses one out of five characters from the Moorhuhn-Family (Moorhuhn itself, Moorfrosch, Snowman, Lesshuhn or Pumpkinhead). The remaining characters automatically become the player's opponents on the racetrack. It is their objective to keep the player from winning no matter what. To achieve this they make use of various power-up packages that can be found at random on the racetrack. These contain several items and weapons to make the player's life miserable, such as lightning strikes, steamhammers and layers of oil. Fortunately, this holds for the player as well. The game comes with 3 game modes and 10 different racetracks that have rather descriptive names such as Kritzelklotz, Kartbahn (kart track), Luna, Docklands, Boooh!, Outdoor, W├╝ste (desert), Canyon, Eis (ice) and Vulkan (volcano). The three different game modes consist of a time-race, a 2-player mode in which you can race against your friends, and the Grand-Prix-mode. In the latter the player has to race through several race tracks, qualifying himself for the next track in every single race. If you are too slow, the Grand-Prix is over.
Full Demo 26MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
included in Moorhuhn: Die ersten 10 Jahre - German DVD ISO Demo 2.34GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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