Crazy Chicken Kart Thunder VIS GbR / phenomedia publishing gmbh 2008

This is a kart racing game starring Crazy Chicken and friends. It contains tracks in metropolises around the globe these include Barcelona, Berlin, Beijing, Dubai, Las Vegas, London, Macao, Miami, Mexico City, Paris, St. Petersburg and Sydney. Several different engine classes are available. The game offers several modes, like a Championship mode including street races, coins challenges and time challenges. Collected coins can be used to upgrade the kart. The player can choose between seven different characters, including a chicken, frog, turtle, ape, alien, scarecrow and mole. There is also an individual race mode where you can race one track each time. The multiplayer modes include a two-player or LAN six-player individual Race mode and a Last Man Standing mode. In Last Man Standing you battle each other with items and the last one driving wins the match.
included in Moorhuhn: Die ersten 10 Jahre - German DVD ISO Demo 2.34GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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