Tale Of A Legacy, A Akkad Estudios 2020

Dery Marlon, a young vagabond who has just settled in a camp on the outskirts of the city of Zippar, receives a mysterious letter in which an unknown man gives him a considerable part of his inheritance. In order to collect the inheritance, he will have to travel far and wide across the Kingdom of Arval, traversing many villages and regions of the kingdom. This adventure will lead him to discover who the mysterious Feyer Golesh is and the motives behind leaving him the riches. Love, betrayal, mystery, tension and entertainment blend together in this adventure that will delight the fans of classic graphic adventures. Features: Over 20 characters you can interact with during the course of the game; Over 30 playable settings; An interesting variety of entertaining puzzles; A story that combines many ingredients with clever twists that will keep you hooked all the time.
Free Game 267MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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