House of Da Vinci 2, The Blue Brain Games 2020

Become an apprentice of the famous Leonardo da Vinci. Solve handcrafted mechanical 3D puzzles and discover hidden secrets. Navigate through mesmerizing environments of the Italian Renaissance. Travel through time to influence your surroundings. Get your hands on hundreds of new objects, 3D puzzles and mechanical brain-twisters waiting to be unraveled. Go back in time not only to reveal past mysteries and hidden objects – use unique Oculus Perpetua to shape the present in a significant way. Navigate through mesmerizing locations even more intuitively. All game controls have been redesigned and optimized to feel as intuitive as it gets. A pleasure for all senses: the whole story is now fully narrated. The goose bumps are inevitable. Mysterious cut scenes including the one showing Leonardo da Vinci's creation of the famous The Last Supper.
Download: None currently available

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