Sludge Life Terri Vellmann / Devolver Digital 2020

This was created thanks to the cooperation of musician named Doseone with independent developer Terry Vellman. The duo has already collaborated before, releasing an arcade FPS called High Hell in October 2017. We play the role of Ghost, a rogue living in one of the poorer districts of Slimetown. Apart from colouring the walls of the surrounding flats and spending time with his friends, he has no big plans for his future. Life for our opportunist seems barren and meaningless. One day, however, on impulse, he decides to change his fate and become the most recognizable graffiti artist in the whole city. To do this, he starts writing his initials on every building in Slimetown. The action is shown from a first person perspective (FPP). As the main task in the game is to become the most famous Slimetown graffiti artist, we consistently sign every wall we meet in the city. Starting from our flats, we move to newer and newer regions, writing the Ghost name not only on the outside of the buildings, but also decorating their interiors with it. Finally, the main goal will be the buildings of large corporations, which place their own billboards throughout Slimetown while fighting against graffiti artists in the city. In addition to fighting the city monopolists, we are also fighting the security services and hostile NPCs. We can use a paraglider to escape from them. We can also take care of many side activities. Although the game has its main storyline, nothing stands in the way of playing basketball with friends or going to a burger room with them for a little fast food. However, if we are by nature loners, we may as well explore the world with the phone in hand, looking for a convenient opportunity to take some nice pictures. Additionally, on our device we can also play a mini-game Crypt Creeper, which will allow us to relax after a long day of fighting against the oppressive system. Although the goal is pre-determined, we can do it in many different ways. The game provides three alternative endings, which depend on the style of play. This allows us to re-play the game again and discover new possibilities.
Download: None currently available

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