Dora's Carnival Adventure Nick Jr. Games / Nick Jr. 2005

This is based on the American animated television series mainly aired on Nickelodeon. In this game, you go around a carnival while earning tickets from various mini-games. These tickets can then be exchanged for treasures that can be kept in you treasure box. Each mini-game is based off of something you would actually find in a carnival. There are three mini-games in total. Swiper's Air Hockey - The main goal of this game is pretty simple, for each goal you get in air hockey, you get a ticket to spend on prizes. The game goes to ten points, so whoever gets ten points first gets the tickets. This game is fully controlled with the mouse in order to move your paddle. Boots's Crane Game - The main goal of this game is to grab boots with the crane, but there is a catch. In order to get a ticket, the two boots you grab must be of a matching color, and there are four different varieties in the machine. You only have about a minute to catch as many boots as you can. Slippery Slide Race - The main goal of this game is to get to the bottom of the slippery slide first. There are four characters to choose from: Dora, Boots, Swiper, and Benny the Bull. You must stay in the middle of the track in order to gain momentum. If you hit the walls, you will slow down and lose time. The winner gets 3 tickets, and you race against two other CPU characters.
Full Demo 10MB (uploaded by MasonRocks)

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