Des Blood Racing Illusion 2001

This is a spin-off of Illusion's adult action game series Des Blood. The game features female characters from the previous Des Blood games, such as Lily and Kikuno from Des Blood 2, Alicia and Kerry, the heroines of Des Blood 3, etc. There are two modes in the game, story mode and racing mode. The story mode allows you to choose between seven characters. Each character has her story, which is shared by other characters taken from the same game, and is reminiscent of its events. You race against other characters simply by running. You should avoid running into obstacles and spots marked with skulls, which will slow you down. If you win the race, you'll be rewarded with a CG sex scene. In the racing mode, there are 20 characters to choose from, as well as futuristic vehicles to control, most of which were featured in other Des Blood games.
Japanese ISO Demo 252MB (uploaded by cam)

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