Muzzy at the Disco BBC Early Advantage / Vektor Multimedia 2001

The most exciting and comprehensive children’s language learning title ever published on CD Rom starring the world’s most successful language learning character... Muzzy. Children can learn French, Spanish, German, Italian and English from just one CD Rom. The Muzzy series on CD-ROM has been carefully designed as a stimulating environment in which your child can develop language skills through exploration, practice and play. Up to 4 players can play the BIG MUZZY Game Board with 3 levels of difficulty. Instant access to the range of 25+ games that challenge your child’s developing skills. Features: Fully animated story which children can read and listen to; Animated picture dictionaries for every story screen; Record and playback facilities available throughout to practise speaking; Children can record their own personalized version of the story; Each activity can be done in French Spanish, German, Italian and English.
ISO Demo 581MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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