Light, The Sergey Noskov 2012

This is a short adventure game with a horror theme. The protagonist starts inside a large, abandoned building that can be freely explored. No background information about the character or the desolate environment is given. The original game is entirely in Russian, as well as the text in-game, but the main character speaks English during a few points in the game. By exploring the surroundings some puzzles need to be solved to progress. The character can walk around and jump. A flashlight is carried and it is on at all times. When an item of interest is found or an action can be done, such as opening a door, this is achieved by walking towards it and no additional keys are needed. There is no inventory system, items are stored and used automatically. Some more information about the game's setting is provided after solving a number of puzzles. In June/2020, a retail version titled The Light Remake was released. It has beautiful visual and melodic compositions from Dmitry Nikolaev - the author of OST to the game "35MM". It has two endings.
Free Game 200MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Remake Screenshots/Videos

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