Interactivity: The Interactive Experience Aetheric Games / Pixeljam 2016

In the world of "video-games", interaction engineers have spent years rigidly defining the specialized and determinate ways that you, a "video-game" protagonist, may interact with your world. Here in this guided tour you will find them all, glistening with promise, awaiting the click of your mouse and ready to edutain you. Please enjoy. Except for The Button. The Button is not for you. This is a short meta-narrative experience about how our interaction with game worlds is limited by convention, in equal parts of awkwardly-funny and oppressive. Explore the gallery in first-person, solve a handful of simple puzzles, and find a way to push The Button. It was first released on A remade 2019 version has new details, textures, tweaked puzzles, more endings, achievements and haunting music by Miles Tilmann.
Download: None currently available

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