Sacro Romano Impero [It] Colors Arti Multimediali / Tecniche Nuove 1998

This title translated as "Holy Roman Empire" belongs to the adventure game series which began with "La Spada della Foresta Vivente" and probably represents the last title published in this series, unfortunately information about it is scarce, also due to of the limited sales success that the games achieved at the time of distribution on newsstands. This Italian production CD contains an adventure game with small elements of RPG and a multimedia work that will allow us to deepen our historical knowledge of the medieval epoch. In a true medieval village, you take control of Titania, Junoesque immortal warrior in perennial viggio between the ages, champion of justice and spiritual guide of the great fighters of all ages. This time the beautiful protagonist must take control of the situation and personally defeat the evil one on duty, to do this she will have to leave the caravan of merchants to which she had been linked for several years and begin her investigations in a remote medieval village in France. The vicissitudes to face will be many and most will have to be faced using ingenuity rather than the sword. The villagers and bigoted villagers in front of your disturbing figure will divide between indignant and vulgar, hindering your settlement in both cases. it's up to you to find the right individuals to get information and tips useful for the game. The adventure contains a tiny RPG component just more evident than "La Spada ..." but your obligations are limited to sleeping, eating and not overloading the main character with heavy objects.
Italian ISO Demo 507MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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