Ultraman Episode 1: The Taro Adventure CyberPlanet Interactive Public Co. Ltd. / Selectsoft Publishing 2006

Our world is facing an invasion of monsters. Again, we depend on Ultraman Taro to destroy all these monsters and restore world peace. Join him in this heroic mission to repel the invaders. It's a side-scrolling action-packed fighting game where the hero, Ultraman Taro, would combat monsters dead set on invading Planet Earth. The game featured six stages from Ocean City to Planet Magma, a skill system to upgrade Ultraman Taro's abilities, and monsters from "across the Ultraman franchise" (which, mind you, referred only to the first six Ultraman shows). Features: The deadly battle between Ultraman Taro and the monsters has begun; Even though Ultraman Taro is surrounded by monsters, the close combat Atomic Punch is effective; Use the Swallow Kick to evade and counter Starbem Gyeron's attack.
ISO Demo 244MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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