Fisher-Price Big Action Construction Funnybone Interactive / Knowledge Adventure Inc. 1998

This is a mouse controlled series of mini games aimed at children in the age range four to seven years old. In this game they get to operate seven vehicles including a wrecking ball to knock down houses, a dumper truck to haul rubble, and a crane. They can also blow things up with dynamite. The game is divided into different zones with separate activities and vehicles in each. As the player completes a level in a mini-game they receive a construction selection card which the player can onto a certificate that can be printed. The activities are The Crane: Here the player is shown a series of pictures across the bottom of the screen. The objective is to find these objects, pick them up using the crane and drop them into a chute. The crane has forward.back/left/right controls together with a pick up/drop control and the player activates these using a mouse. For some objects the player has to scroll the scenery left/right by maneuvering the crane, occasionally one object is hidden behind another. Wrecking Ball: A simple point-and-click game, this activity sees the player using the mouse to direct a wrecking ball at a building. Each click results in one swing, there's a satisfactory noise as the ball strikes and bits fly off. When the building has been demolished the player clicks on a 'Done' button and moves on to the next building. Build It: This game has two modes 'Build Your Own' - in which the player puts together a construction of their own design, and 'Follow A Blueprint' in which the player constructs a pre-designed building. 'Follow A Blueprint' is the game mode that earns the player construction cards for their certificate. In it the player uses vehicles to prepare a site, uses the mouse to place rivets into the framework before completing the building by drag-and-dropping shapes into the structure, repeated clicks on a shape change its colour. When the construction is complete the player is given the option of customizing their work by adding extra items. Lunch Break: Here the player is shown a screen with other in-game characters, clicking on them results in a short animation. There's also a Lunch Wagon game in which the player constructs sandwiches to earn construction cards. There's no sandwich recipe to follow here and anything can be used from cakes to clothing to hammers and bricks. Boulder Blast: Here the player places dynamite at random places around the quarry and detonates them, the object is to find an item buried in the rock. Dump Truck: This is a series of mini games none of which involve any driving. In one activity the player uses the mouse to put air in the tires and must stop when the numbers on the gauge match the specified pressure, in others they use the mouse to fill the truck up with petrol or clean the windscreen.
ISO Demo 303MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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