Fisher-Price Big Action Garage Funnybone Interactive / Knowledge Adventure Inc. 1998

This is a cartoon-style animated adventure, named for the Fisher-Price toy the game idea is built upon. Tommy Treads' good friend KC Coupe has broken down and is in dire need of repair - Tommy has to find all the parts he needs before sundown or Tow Truck will cart him off to the junkyard. In this adventure game, the player is cast as Tommy's assistant as he goes from location to location earning parts by completing tasks and winning challenges. The player uses the mouse to perform various activities: Tune-up Time - change spark plugs, check the oil and replace a battery in a semi-realistic activity; Grease the Ghosts - squirt grease at ghosts in this haunted garage arcade game; Garbage Pick-up - clean junk and recycling from the river in a pattern-completion activity; Backstage Maze - navigate a maze to deliver gasoline to a star backstage; Race Track Challenge - race against Bernie Rubber in an arcade challenge; Paint and Detail - a printable creative activity, painting and adding decals to primed cars. A green flag available at the bottom of the screen brings the player to the Dashboard, where he can quit, adjust the volume, check on the car parts earned, view the credits, and open the Scrapbook. The Scrapbook has printable pictures of all the characters from the game. It was designed for children aged 4 - 7 and addresses skills such as pattern recognition, creative play, following directions and developing fine motor skills.
ISO Demo 639MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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