Le Maître des Âmes [Fr] Ubi Soft Entertainment Software 1987

This is an early French fantasy role-playing game from UbiSoft. The game will lead you through dungeons, secret chambers, tunnels... It tends to respect as much as possible the basic rules of famous RPG games. At the beginning you have to create a party of 4 characters among 6 different ones: Warrior, Wizard, Cleric, Robber, Dwarf & Elf. Each one has special skills and attributes. The whole story takes place in a castle. Kharram Akkad, Royal wizard, was on the verge of making a big discovery but then vanished mysteriously. Since then, a huge storm has surrounded the place making all life disappear. A party of adventurers standing in front of the fortress decide to enter.
French Full Demo + 2013 Remake 107+110kb (uploaded by Abandonware France)

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