Super Oswald [Da] Silverrock 1989

It all started in his time with Jesper V. Jørgensen in 1988 getting the idea for a simple little platform game, which came to be called OsWald. It is a very clear game where ice flakes descend across the screen in 3 columns. Here you have to jump around with the polar bear OsWald without falling into the water. He even made the graphics for the Amiga version, which Esben Krag Hansen programmed and Mikael Balle made the sound. This happened under the direction of Starvision International, who in addition only made the game MACH in 1987. OsWald was published by Silverrock Productions and ended up on TV in the program Eleva2eren in 1989. For TV, a customized version of the Amiga version was used. There were, among other things. connected to a modem that could do DTMF decoding, thus the viewer who came through the phone lock to the program, able to control the polar bear OsWald via their push button phone. How many today can hardly relate to the concept of landline telephone, then almost 25 years ago you should remind people that you could not use the old dial phones. Technically, a modem would also be able to decode the pulse signal nicely, but it is no longer practical with a round dial to jump around the screen. Where Jesper V. Jørgensen himself helped create the Amiga edition, it was Niels Krogh Mortensen who teased OsWald for Commodore 64. Jens-Christian Huus made the sound and Thomas Villadsen programmed. Thomas knew Uffe Jakobsen (who later helped create Hugo), who helped him with some timing and raster routines. In connection with an exhibition at the Post & Tele Museum, Uffe created a DTMF for joystick adapter so that visitors could play OsWald via a phone in the same way as in the Eleva2eren. To take advantage of the popularity gained on TV, Super OsWald came to the world. The game is pretty much the same except for the addition of OsWaldine, so you could play 2 at a time.
Danish Full Demo 160kb (uploaded by Danish DOS Classics)

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