Adventure Island Extra Radel1996 2018

Adventure Island is a very famous platform game created in 1986 by Hudson Soft, as an adaptation for the Nintendo Entertainment System of Sega's famous WonderBoy. It later became an independent series for 8 and 16bit Nintendo consoles. In 2018 a homebrew developer took the original title and made it a great remake for Windows. Feel the action through 33 Stages and retro atmosphere. In the South Pacific, Master Higgins lives peacefully wearing only a grass skirt and a cap. That is until the Evil Witch Doctor decides to capture Tina and hold her as his own. It's up to Master Higgins to gather throwing axes, fireballs and skateboards in order to aid his noble quest. The game is a side scroller, Master Higgins moves across the screen from left to right and finds his power-ups in giant eggs. This includes a skateboard which results in a great speed enhancement - until Master Higgins gets hit and loses his power. If he is not on a skateboard a hit means instant death. Another game mechanic is starvation which gets indicated through a meter which steadily decreases. If it hits zero the hero dies and the only way to fill it up is by collecting food on the way. Bosses await him at the end of levels, all the way to the Evil Witch Doctor himself.
Free Game v0.1.0 68MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)

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