Vampire Wars (cancelled) Sierra Entertainment 1997

This game was cancelled before completion but there is a playable prototype available. It's a Strategy/Role playing game set in a world controlled by Clans of vampires. The player is put in the role of Lord within one of the four Clans. These clans have a natural animosity toward one another but have maintained a peace for six hundred years to avoid the near extinction of the race that happened in the time of the ancient ones. That peace is now threatened by the discovery of ancient articles of power that would allow a Vampire to overcome his adversaries. A mad scramble is about to ensue that all the Clans will be affected by, and which the player, as a Lord, must also partake. The player will be able to choose to be a lord in any of the Clans, with their unique advantages and disadvantages, to make replayability a key feature of the game. The core of Vampire Lords gameplay consists of: 1. Combat and Discovery of other Vampires and Vampire Lords; 2. Searching for artifacts of power and spells, upgrading units; 3. Discovering the answer to the mystery.
Prototype Level Demo + Source Code + Design Documents 56MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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