Kirby's Dream Land Advance AndyTheTechie 2018

This is a GBA styled free fan-made recreation of Kirby's Dream Land, first released on 1992, where King Dedede steals all the food in Dream Land and Kirby must stop him. Dedede, King of Dream Land, is a penguin-like creature who is too gluttonous for his own good. Gathering food for his midnight feast, he got carried away and ended up taking all the food from the inhabitants of his country. One of them, a pink little guy named Kirby, decides to travel all the way to King Dedede's palace and retrieve the lost food by any means. It's a side-scrolling platform action game, and the first in the Kirby series. Although the protagonist appears to be a weak little marshmallow, he is actually quite powerful: he has the ability to suck up his enemies like a vacuum, and then shoot them out at other enemies. Kirby can also swallow air and inflate himself, which allows him to fly. The game features 5 stages: Green Greens, Castle Lololo, Float Islands, Bubbly Clouds, Mt. Dedede. Each stage finishes with a boss fight and Stage 1 and 4 have a miniboss battle. After beating all 5 stages and defeating King Dedede, a message will pop up stating that, although Extra Game isn't unlocked yet, but you can press right on the title screen when 'New Game' is highlighted to play a mini game. Pressing right will reveal 'Extra Game' (yes) and selecting it allow you to play a minigame. 'Flappy Flapper' is a Flappy Bird game where you control a bat enemy through blocks, much like Flappy Bird's pipe manoeuvring.
Free Game v1.0.3 12MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)

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