Hylics 2 Mason Lindroth 2020

The tyrant Gibby’s minions seek to reconstitute their long-presumed-annihilated master. It’s up to our crescent headed protagonist Wayne to assemble a crew and put a stop to that sort of thing. A mesmerizing visual style incorporating stop-motion animation, 3D-scanned clay models, and pixel art. Engage in turn-based RPG combat against over 25 adversaries, each with unique capabilities and behaviors. Gather Wayne's crew and explore 3D environments. Use air-dashing, rolling, and gliding to find hidden treasures or evade enemies. Consult the world's inhabitants for hints, lore, and musings. Find TVs throughout the world to learn exciting new battle abilities like Poromer Bleb and Soul Crisper. Optional side content including a diverting platformer minigame and a first-person-view dungeon-crawler. The followup to 2015's Hylics uses motifs from its predecessor, but players unfamiliar with Hylics may still fully enjoy Hylics 2.
Download: None currently available

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