Mega Man X6 Capcom Co. Ltd. / Koko Capcom 2002

It's been 3 weeks since the space colony "Eurasia" crashed into the Earth. Since then, the Earth has become a deadly, barren wasteland, unfit for humans to inhabit the surface. The humans now live underground, while Reploids begin the task of attempting to recover from the deadly onslaught of the Sigma Virus. For the Maverick Hunters, the task is difficult, especially for X. Zero was lost in the attack, and all X has left of him is his Beam Sabre. As the Maverick Hunters assist in the recovery operation, a young Reploid scientist, Gate, discovers a mysterious chip in the wastelands. He immediately sets out on a cause to discover the mysterious "Nightmare Virus", and sends 8 assistants out to search for answers. But when Gate's assistants suddenly vanish, the worst is feared: they've gone Maverick. X is the only one now who can discover the answers needed to unravel the mystery of this deadly "Nightmare Virus", and perhaps find out what it is exactly Gate wants with it. Series artist and producer Keiji Inafune was not involved in the game's production, as he had originally intended for the series to end with Zero's death in Mega Man X5. As such, X6 caused a change of plans in the Mega Man X series, since it was originally intended to have Zero resurrected in the Mega Man Zero series. It's identical to its predecessor in terms of general gameplay, traversing through dangerous terrain while defeating a legion of enemies throughout the way. Unlike the previous two games, the player starts out the game as X. However, X has changed considerably. While he starts out with the Falcon Armor, most of its special abilities have been lost, but for a trade in, he can use Zero's Z-Saber as an alternate weapon, although he wields it with less skill and thus can only use single swings. Some areas contain a "transfer gate" which X can go through. Should he enter one, he will enter an extra area which will lead to a battle with a boss version of Zero known as the Zero Nightmare. Winning this battle will reveal the real Zero and unlock him as a playable character. While he has not changed much, his Z-Saber has a somewhat longer reach and its appearance has changed into a straight sword. His Z-Buster also fires faster but can only be fired on the ground as usual. This is also the first game in the series that Zero can double-jump without having gained a special technique first. X can gain more than two armors as usual though they must be assembled before they can be utilized: The Blade Armor, which enhances X's melee potential with the Z-Saber and the Shadow Armor which ups his maneuverability and grants him immunity to spikes. In each stage except the last one exists the Nightmare Phenomenon, strange helix-based enemies that, although weak, can prove troublesome. Though they have no sufficient means of attack, they will often attempt to infect Injured Reploids (who the player must save in order to obtain bonuses and upgrades) and turn them into enemies. Defeating a Nightmare will yield a Nightmare Soul which can be used to upgrade how many parts can be equipped to a character. A Soul must be retrieved quickly before the Nightmare revives itself where it will not yield it a second time. Initially released only in Far East, an English version finally came out in 2018 when it was included in Mega Man X Legacy Collection.
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