Pixeline Skolehjælp: Engelsk 2 - Pixeline goes to London [Da] KREA Medie 2006

Learn more English with Pixeline. Pixeline visits Inspector Scotty at Scotland Yard. The mysterious master thieves Mister Blue Potato, Mister Yellow Potato and Mister Red Potato go around London and steal thieves from some of London's most famous and famous places such as Tower Bridge, British Museum and Big Ben. You come with Pixeline around London and have to help Police Officer Bobby look for clues. An English-class game because: It teaches your child the letters in English as well as English words and phrases; Pixeline is the perfect teacher, she always encourages children to try again and guide them safely through the assignments; It is possible to play on 3 difficulty levels, which means that all children of any level can achieve results immediately; The children's progress and results can be monitored via the parent feedback system; It is possible to set play time (parental control). The game caters to children in the youngest school classes, and with 3 different levels of difficulty, there are plenty of challenges for children of all levels and different grades.
Danish ISO Demo (has Safedisc protection) 655MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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