Asterix: Operation Getafix Coktel Vision 1989

This is an action and adventure game in which you control Asterix the hero of the Gauls and star of the Asterix & Obelix comics. You have to travel around to collect items, and find a cure for Getafix, the druid of the Gauls. Getafix must be cured so that he can continue to make the potion that keeps roman soldiers away from the tiny Gaul village. It's one of the most obscure Coktel Vision games ever, and is a decent action/adventure similar to Infogrames' Tintin games. Gameplay follows for the most part a typical platform formula: fight the Romans and hunt the wild boars, etc. But as with most Coktel games, Asterix also contains non-action sequences, such as the fun part where you mix the ingredients and test the potion on either Getafix or a captive Roman, and a dice game you can play against the soothsayer or Romans in the camp. The money you win from the game is necessary to buy items and potion ingredients.
Full Demo 351kb (uploaded by Abandonia)
Asterix El Golpe Del Menhir - Spanish Floppy Image ISO Demo 297kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Floppy Image ISO Demo 321kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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