WoozyHero PhyzixMind 2019

God of Power took away half power of humans, as an effort to subdue them to absolute rule. Only Goddess of Wisdom firmly believes, humans will not falter. There was an agreement between her and the rest of gods. If humans were able to fulfill the challenges granted by gods with the half power left, they should return the claimed power, respect human civilization and refrain from interference. So there appeared a Warrior’s Arena on the boundary of Justice City and Demon’s Domain. Gods summoned the souls of the valorous from different spaces and the imprisoned demons in hell, posing challenges one after another. Can the immortal warrior, who has only half power left and reels back and forth, fulfill all trials and challenges with willpower and conviction? This is an action-featured game with unprecedented full physical combat systems. We’ve spent almost a year in modifying and improving the physical combat systems, with a view to a unique and fresh experience for players. Dedicated physical engine of dynamic roles rather than noodlemen, it brings you fun of “Soft Kills”. Hilarious combat - Strikes at different parts of enemy will have many different results, to cause to reel, to disable hands or deform the body. A rich selection of weapons, from swords for close combat to arrows and guns for ranged combat. Different themes and different scenes. No flurries of hardcore shots, but wonderful puzzles of each stage that requires close observation. Unique body deformation and new attack skills rising there from. Have you seen Rock’s fists?
Download: None currently available

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