Gwent: Master Mirror CD Projekt RED 2020

This is an add-on to a card game set in the universe known from the Witcher series (which in turn is an adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's prose). The DLC focuses on Gaunter o'Dim's character, offers dozens of new cards and several mechanics. The plot focuses on the Master Mirror - Gaunter o'Dim - a mysterious hero who made a guest appearance in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and was the main antagonist of the add-on to that game called Hearts of Stone. Master Mirror is a manipulator with a powerful, magical power that has been controlling events around the world for centuries, with only known goals in mind. It introduces 70 new cards. Among the novelties we will find elite troops and characters for each of the factions available in the game. We also have eleven neutral cards that everyone can use. The add-on introduces a number of new mechanics. These include such things as Devotion (enhances the skill of a given card, but only on condition that we play a deck consisting solely of the cards of a given faction), Echo (it restores a card from the cemetery to the top of the deck, but puts a fate on it, which results in permanent removal from the game), Veteran (increases the unit's base power by one point at the beginning of the second and third turns), Conspiracy (strengthens spy skills), Symbiosis (creates Treant when playing nature cards), Veil (protects the unit from negative statuses or blocks positive ones) or Rupture (deals damage to the unit equal to its strength - this happens at the end of an allied turn). The expansion also adds a whole new type of legendary cards to the Gwent - they represent the most distinctive characters from the universe and change during the course of the game, gaining strength with each subsequent turn.
Free Game Expansion (uploaded by Official Site)

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