Click & Create With Mia Kutoka Interactive 2002

The 4th game in the Mia series is a complete creativity studio featuring five creativity sections, Click & Create offers a wealth of tools that help children draw, paint, create crafts, make printed pieces and design animated scenes. Draw Learn to draw various subjects step by step. Make cool drawings of animals and robots. Better still, impress your friends with your own creations. Projects Create greeting cards, posters, agenda pages, letterheads, envelopes and more... Paint Color scenes and characters from Mia's adventures or create your own masterpieces using the many tools that encourage your imagination to run wild. Shapes: Invent landscapes and funny characters using geometrical forms. Change colors, sizes and be creative. Multimedia: Animate Mia and your favorite characters using music of your choice. Get everyone dancing by creating your own unique animated scene with your favorite character. Benefits: Enjoy the fun of freedom painting, or color in one of the many coloring pages in a complete creativity studio featuring five sections (paint, draw, projects, shapes, multimedia). More than 100 templates of greeting cards, posters, certificates, to print or modify. Created by an award winning team.
Crea & Colorea con Mia - Spanish Clone ISO Demo 287MB (uploaded by AbandonSocios)
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