Pixeline Skolehjælp: Matematik - Pixeline regner den ud [Da] KREA Medie 2005

Pixeline visits Solo's accountant, Wolle, who has the habit of counting everything. Unfortunately, Wolles coffee machine has broken down. Without coffee, Wolle can't control things at all, and so you have to work with Pixeline to figure it out. The game contains: Menu (number - count - value); Sorting game (number, plus and minus - even - odd); Magic with Little Brother (count - number); Schoolyard (plus and minus); Dark Forest (order - plus and minus); The bus ride (action calculation game). It's a math game of special class because: It teaches your child about numerical values, counting, adding and subtracting, counting and sorting; Pixeline is the perfect teacher - she always encourages the children to try again and guide them safely through the assignments; It is possible to play on 3 difficulty levels, which means that all children of any level can achieve results immediately; The children's progress and results can be monitored through the parent feedback system; Setting the playing time (parental control).
Danish Clone ISO Demo (with Safedisc protection) 752MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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