Turma Cosmica Volume 4: Reconquistando o Brasil e Contador de Historias 3D [Pt] FTD 2011

In this game for 5th year children, Dr. Tif√£o is attacking Planet Earth and you must help the Cosmic Gang to free Brazil from the clutches of this terrible tyrant. With the use of your wisdom and a lot of strategy, you will fight battles with cards and energy stones. The 3D storyteller program provides a colorful and relaxed way of telling stories. It is possible to move around the scene, position buildings, characters, vegetation and means of transport. While adding speech bubbles to characters and text boxes, the story will be simple. The most varied themes will be presented within History, Geography and Sciences. The stories created will be recorded and can be printed at any time to create a comic book.
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Portuguese ISO Demo 461MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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