Sunny Shine on the Funny Side of Life [G] Rainbow Arts Software GmbH 1990

This is a promotional (still commercial) adventure which advertises L&M cigarettes. The player takes on the role of Sunny Shine whose car was destroyed by a steamroller. The goal of the game is to get the only existing duplicate car into Sunny's possession. The scenario takes place in Los Angeles. The game uses a non-parser control system: the player moves a cursor on the screen and after clicking on an interactive object, a list of possible commands pops up. Puzzles are mostly inventory and conversations-based. Special puzzles are a quiz about American pop culture as a first puzzle and a few action sequences. However, there are various dead end scenarios (missing an item which is required in a later scene) and a limited inventory. To pick up a new item after the limit is reached, an object has to be permanently removed from the game. The advertising consists of references to L&M in the background graphics and dialogues.
German Full Demo 580kb (uploaded by Werbespiel-Archiv)

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